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Meade Law Solicitors is one of the UK’s leading personal injury claims specialist. We help those who’ve suffered an injury through no fault of their own to claim the compensation they are legally and rightfully entitled to.

We offer legal services in a number of legal fields which centre mainly around personal injury.

We have approximately 19 years of experience in Civil Litigation; our experience is therefore vast, consisting not only of claimant work but also defendant work. Our team of solicitors includes specialists in Personal Injury, Industrial Disease, Civil litigation and Immigration Law. 

At Meade Law we believe in the importance of a friendly and professional approach. We help our clients through every step of their legal journey and help them achieve the best possible outcome every time.

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Claims arising from a road accident and help with recovering various types of losses. Click here to see more info

Claims specifically against an employer due to lack of health and safety and helping with recovering various types of losses. Click here for more info

Claims against tour operators for selling unsatisfactory goods and services i.e. holiday package because the customer has fallen ill due to issues with the food and drink hygiene. Click here for more info

Hearing loss from exposure to noisy apparatus/tools where the noise protectors provided by employers were insufficient. Click here for more info

Serious injuries from accidents which result in loss of limbs, normal use of limbs basically accident permanent effect on mobility, brain injuries and even fatal injuries. Click here for more info

Claims against highway and land owners for various losses as result of poor maintained roads and highways or poorly maintained surfaces e.g wet floors in super markets. Click here for more info

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